Being mixed is a beautiful gift and an opportunity to bridge together cultures, but having a mixed background is also a struggle – the seemingly endless search to fit in, to feel understood, and to feel like you are “enough” of any one identity or culture. It was this shared experience that brought co-founders Ruby and Taylor together in college and led them to establish an unbreakable bond as mixed millennials.
After college, our founders would move to different cities and continents, but always remained connected and united through matching necklaces that were subtle yet meaningful. The necklace acted as a reminder through good and bad times: the two would always have each other, someone who understood them and believed they were “enough” as their own unique selves.
Being mixed is an experience shared by many but discussed by few so our founders decided - instead of searching for a community, why not create one? Taylor and Ruby started Mixed Millennial to celebrate mixed identity, with a mission to connect and unite people through jewelry and conversation.