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We’re Ruby & Taylor. When we met each other in college, we were just two girls who were struggling to embrace our mixed backgrounds.

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I’m Ruby, and I’m Mexican-American. I was always so proud of my mixed heritage when I was young, but at the same time realized I didn’t really have a community that I fit into. I was never American enough for my white peers, but also frequently called a “gringa” or a “fake Mexican” by my Hispanic friends, because of my light skin. When I met Taylor, it was like I finally had someone who really understood me and accepted me for who I was. Despite our differences, we were imperfectly connected through our shared experiences. My friendship with Taylor empowered me to feel comfortable in my own skin - to just be me. Read my full story here.

I’m Taylor and I’m half black and half white. Growing up, I was the quintessential mixed girl with light skin and hair that can be worn both curly or straight. In a way, my ability to mold my appearance to different groups of people allowed me to “get by” through high school. In college, I was active in both white and black social circles and I found myself altering my hairstyle depending on which group I would be spending the most time with that week; yet ultimately never felt like I belonged. Meeting Ruby helped me let go of my urge to alter my appearance. She provided a window for me to see myself as an independent, strong-willed and confident person - exactly as I am. Read my full story here

We’ve been best friends for eight years now and our unique bond as mixed millennials led us to realize there are so many others just like us. Being mixed is an experience shared by many but discussed by few, so we decided - instead of searching for a community - why not create one?

We spent years dreaming of ways that we could connect and unite people of multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural backgrounds all around the world. Recently we decided it was time to stop dreaming and start doing. So here we are, launching the Mixed Millennial blog, with another big launch just around the corner!

Being mixed is a beautiful, complex, multifaceted gift - and we want this blog to explore and dissect every aspect of the mixed identity - good and bad. We’ll share our own experiences and also create space for your voices and stories. We’ll tackle topics that you want us to discuss, ask questions and start conversations at your request. 

Together, let’s celebrate our mixed identity, find solidarity in our community, challenge the racial divides that exist in the world around us, and vow to be unapologetically our beautiful, unique selves. 

We are perfectly mixed & imperfectly connected.


Ruby & Taylor

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