10 Situations You'll Only Understand if You're Mixed

1. Having a mild panic attack every time you have to fill out the part of a form that asks for your race/ethnicity. Bonus panic if it specifies “Select one.”


2. Family gatherings: language barriers, cultural clashes, very different traditions - need I say more? 



3. Searching through youtube tutorials for hair and makeup advice because you know there’s no point in asking anyone in your family.


4. Attending that first meeting of a cultural group or club that you joined, and getting nonstop curious glances in your direction.


5. Explaining your name to people: Your first and last names don’t “match”, or your name doesn’t “match” your appearance - either way, you know the drill. 



6. People telling you that you don’t really count because you’re only X% of that race/ethnicity/culture.



7. Not being able to speak all of the languages. Or being able to speak them, but you have a noticeably different accent from the rest of your extended family members.



8. Telling someone what your background is and having them respond, “well you don’t look _________.”



9. Having your heart torn while watching international competitions (like the Olympics, the World Cup, etc) because you can’t decide who to cheer for.



10. Hair decisions. Even the “simplest” ones are difficult.



Written by Ruby Herrera

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